What is Hide it Pro ?

Hide it pro is a free app to hide your private photos, videos, apps or take secret notes.
It works on Android, iPhone, Tablet, iPad, Laptop and Macbook

What can i do with it ?

Photos and Videos

Hide your private photos or videos (eg. photos or videos of your family, friends, financial documents etc. )


Lock or Hide any app on your phone (eg. lock whatsapp so that when anyone tries to open whatsapp, it will ask for password)


Take secret notes (eg. birthday reminders, passwords etc.)

Calls and Messages

Message or Call anyone secretly

Why should I choose Hide it Pro ?

Most advanced technology than other similar software on the market

Built with ethics and security in mind, so your data is always safe

Actively developed and regularly updated

More than 100 features built inside and more are added every month

Non-Profit initiative, so it will always be free

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Support Email : support@hideitpro.com
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Don't take our word for it, try the app yourselves and experience the awesomeness. The app is FREE to use, share and distribute