Media Migration Guide for Hide it Pro

This guide will help you migrate your hidden pictures/videos from your old phone to a new phone.  Now traditionally users can just put Old SD card into the new phone and the files would pop back in the app. But nowadays newer phone’s have more than one SD cards , for eg. Samsung Galaxy S / Nexus S / Samsung Galaxy II etc. These phones have both a fixed Internal SD card and a removable External SD  card. The confusion arises from the fact the Android OS just gives developers direct API to get location of only 1 SD card and which almost always is the Internal SD card.


So here is what you should do. All your hidden pics are saved on your SD card in folder titled



You need to copy this folder over to the new Phone’s Internal SD card (if your new phone has one) else copy it to the External SD card. Then install the app again to the phone and your pics will be back.

So in summary , following points should be remembered

  1. Your hidden pics are stored in a folder titled ProgramData on your SD card (preferable Internal SD card if your phone has one)
  2. To migrate pics to a new phone you need to copy this folder to the new phone’s Internal SD card (if your phone has one , else External SD card)

How to recover DELETED files on your Phone

Okay so first of all please confirm your files are actually deleted by hide it pro as it is impossible by the app to do so by itself.

If you accidentally deleted the files , follow this guide to recover them to full health.

You’ll need :

  1. Windows PC
  2. Recuva Software (Free) —
  3. USB cable – to connect phone to PC

Follow these steps to recover the files

  1. Download and Install Recuva
  2. Connect Phone to PC and Mount the SD card
  3. Launch Recuva in PC and follow the wizard to scan your SD card for deleted files
  4. Once the scan is complete , select the files you want to recover and click recover button at bottom right

Voila your pics are recovered back , congratulations