How to hide files in Android : the easy way

Android phone is a very smart phone , it can scan your Media Files (Images and Videos) from anywhere on your phone and put them in the default gallery (for everyone to see). What if i want some of my pictures / Videos to be private i.e. can be seen only by me ? Maybe there is an app in the market that can put all my private files in a safe locker which can only be viewed by me…

Well there is such an app –> Hide it Pro and best part is its FREE and runs on Android 1.6 and above

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Below is a tutorial on to how to use this app

The moment you launch the app you’ll be presented with a screen similar to the one below. Wtf ?? i did not want an Audio Manager app. What the heck is this. Well this is just a disguise to hide the app itself.

To go to the Actual hide it pro. Long Press on the Audio Manager Icon to access the actual Hide It Pro. btw this Audio Manager is full functional. You can change all the volumes from here directly.


The moment you First install and Run the app  you’ll be asked to Select a Lock Screen Type . Select any one from Pin based or Password Based. Then enter the pin/password you want to use and set up a recovery email.


Once the setup is complete you’ll be taken back to the audio manager disguise screen. Long press on the title to go to the lock screen. Here you enter you pin/password to login


Enter your password and click Login. Next you’ll be shown your Pictures and Video Vault.


To hide the files in your vault Go to your default android gallery. Select the pictures/videos you want to hide –> click Share –> Select Audio Manager from the popup. Now from here you can create a new folder (in the vault) or save to an existing folder in the vault. For this demo i am saving it in a new folder with name “Kung Fu Panda”

howto1 gallery2 gallery3

To view the hidden files Go to Vault –> Click on the Pictures –> Now you’ll be presented with two Albums Random and Kung Fu panda (the one you just created) Click on your Album and browse images in the inbuilt gallery. Click on the arrows to go to next and previous images (or you can Flick forward and backwards) , double tap to zoom in/out and pan around . You can even start the Slideshow and set up duration of photo change.

To unhide all the images Long Press on the album and select Unhide. To unhide a single image long press on the image on the thumbnail view and select unhide

vaultpicsBrowser picsbrowser2 mygallery1

Before exiting Please ensure that you have hidden the files by running the Media Scanner by going to Vault and clicking Run Media Scanner in the Options Menu


Q : I have hidden the files but it is still showing in my picture gallery

Answer : Please ensure that you have run the Media Scanner after you hide your files. To run the Media Scanner . Go to Vault and Click Run Media Scanner from the options men

Update: We now have official facebook page. So you can connect with us there as well . Search for Hide it pro on facebook and Like us Winking smile

Update 2: Vault location : ProgramData/Android/Language/.fr/

382 thoughts on “How to hide files in Android : the easy way

    • Uninstall and reinstall , no data is deleted only password is reset. Or you can change the password from within the settings.

  1. You should mention, on the Motorola Droid, when one has the keyboard open and the “Enter Password” window appears… the “Save” button is not available. Took this stupid old man 20 minutes to figure out… close the phone and use the on screen keyboard in portrait view! Great App though, been looking for this for a while, THANKS!

    • There must be a problem during installation , please do a uninstall and reinstall and them run the setup by launching the app.

  2. Slideshow seem to go backward alphabetically. Any fix?
    Also, is there any way to hide something from the file explorer or straight from windows pc? I see that moving files to the .Vault doesnt work

    • Hiding files from file manager or computer is coming in next update as many people have requested this feature , will confirm the slide show bug and fix if found

      • The skideshow bit actually is not a bug in the slideshow function. The app shows my hidden files alphabetically descending. When i pressed the right arrow key i got what suppossed to be previous image.

    • Surprising , I own a galaxy s and never encountered a problem , in fact the whole development of this app was done on galaxy s , are you using a sdcard on the device

  3. Its saying ”sd card inserted gallery is closed to scan media files on sd card ”after I move the video to the folder

  4. On nexus one, while having the screen on landscape position, i can’t press the login button. Screen won’t scroll too. switching back to portrait mode clears the password field.

  5. Sorry to post so many comments, but hiding a folder with 500+ pics also tend to crash a lot. 2 folders with files with the same filename overwrites each other when hidden together to 1 folder too, but that just mean we gotta hide a folder at a time.

    • Please use the latest update. It should solve the problem. btw why are u hiding a folder with 500+ pics ??

      Divide them and hide them in different folders.

      And yes files with same name are overwritten. I am working on a fix for that.

      • Well, i tried hiding my whole camera folder. Great to hear that you’re working on fixes. This is so far the best media hide app i’ve seen on android too!

        • Oh. the pictures grabbed by camera are quite big in size , i.e. why it must be crashing.

          Have you tried the update. It should solve your problem.

  6. First off i would love to thank Anuj Tenani for making such a easy straight to the point user friendly app. This app is such a life saver when you have random people (Mainly Chicks) going thru your phone looking to see what dirt they can find. Thank you Anuj Tenani for making my Driod Eris a pimp vault.

  7. Fantastic & yes a zoom option would be nice why not give us the choice to use device view like you did for video oh & an app hidder would be cool too

    • Zoom option is available in the latest update. You have to long press on the image and slide the fingers up / down to zoom in / zoom out

      The android gallery can display only one image at a time and not a batch of images. so choice of device view is currently not possible here.

      I am working on the app hider app. Its going to be cool

  8. Same problem(s) as Richard Eaton and Rob. Not able to hide anything from the gallery. It says the same message as on Rob’s phone. His Vibrant is actually the same as my Galaxy S, just has a different name given to it by his service provider.

    When I create a new folder it is indeed created in the vault, but the pic/vid is not in there. Did the mediascanner thing but no success, still nothing in my vault/folders.

    Also, when I choose ‘Back to gallery’ the gallery I am back in my homescreen. Gallery is not active in the task manager. So I think it crashed the stock-gallery too.
    And when I restart it the pic/vid stays visible in the stock- gallery.

    I have found another app that does work in the same manner as yours should do, but I do not like it.
    If your app would work on my phone I would prefer it, but for now I am stuck using the other one….

    • Are you using a memory card / sdcard in the phone ? I have a galaxy S and the app works flawlessly , in fact i developed the app mostly on it

      • Yes, I am using a mini sd, however, after I read your reply I tried the app without the card in my phone, and then it all worked!

        Is this a known bug or must I do something to my sd card for this to work with the sd card in my phone,

        • Nevermind, using the app without the card once did the trick apparently… Now it also works with the card installed! Great app!

          Hope you introduce ‘swipe navigation’ and ‘pinch to zoom’ in the gallery in a future update.


          • Okay i think i might know why this is happening. I have tried to implement a fix . Will see if that works. Yes swipe navigation and pinch to zoom are coming.

            btw you can do one finger zoom

            Long press on the picture and slide up and down to zoom in / out

  9. I am unable to delete the folders in the video’s section. I tried long pressing them but I’m not getting any feedback at all. -Droid X

  10. Thank u this app is the best a couple of things is there a certain way u can exit? Wherever I exit from including the password page it will return to it and my password will be on there still and also.if possible I wish u could see the videos u can choose like the phone gallery other the that I love this app thanks! Samsung viberant

  11. Hi Anuj,

    I don’t have access to the Android Market. Can you please send the latest Hide It Pro to my email? I’m more than willing to donate. :-)

    Thanks in advance!

  12. None of my pics are going into my created folder or random folder even after following the tutorial. Using the incredible

    • Try using a file manager and see if that works. We are working on a fix at the moment. should be out tonight.

    • I am sorry if you deleted the video there is no way to retrieve the video. That is why there are two options (Delete and Un Hide)

      However if that video was important you can try data recovery tools like Recuva to get files back

      You need to be connected to a PC to do that.

    • Rotating pictures is already implemented in the code. It will definitely be out in the upcoming update. This feature is made specifically for you

    • Please go to settings in the vault options menu –> select Device Media Player in which media player to use.

  13. Is there anyway u can rename the button to say something other than hide pics when you hit share on the HTC evo. It just kind of sticks out to anyone that’s curious.

    • Looks like i will have to change the name. As many people want this. I’ll update that asap

  14. I hide files, hit media scan and my files don’t appear I’m vault and they remain in gallery. HTC incredible

    • We are aware of the issue with HTC incredible and we are working on a solution to fix this…

  15. There doesn’t seem to be an option for setting the photo as your wallpaper, could this please be incorporated into the next update, it would be great. Thanks.

    • Okay… but whats the point if the file you are hiding is set wallpaper for everyone to see ?

  16. Hey I just wanted to tell you that this app & you are awesome & keep up the good work its cool that you answer all of our questions I can’t wait for the one that hides apps lol good job :)

    GALAXY S samsung epic 4g Sprint
    I just like bragging about my phone haha

  17. You have a great app here, easy to use; and from what I’ve read the customer service is awesome. The only issue I have had with mine is that my thumbnails don’t match the pics when opened, I have ran the media scanner several times as well. Thanks great app.

  18. What happend to have the choice of playing videos between the device or app? The app version doesn’t really work well with samsung epic

  19. Can you drop files directly in vault? When I drop directly they show in gallery,but after running media scanner they disappear. Is there a fix for this or does photos have to be in media center first?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Yes you can drop the files in the vault. I am assuming you are connecting to the PC via USB in Mass Storage Mode and dropping files in the vault folder. If that is so , they should not appear in the gallery at all. I am not sure why they are coming there. but anyways running the Media Scanner would make them disappear from the gallery.

      Are you using any sync program like HTC Sync etc. ??

  20. Hi..thanks for this innovative and usefull app..
    However i havnt been able to use it till nw though :P
    Long pressing on my samsung galaxy 3 brings the app icon on the homescreen..and i cannot access the actual hide it screen because of this till now..please help!

    • Copy the app to the phone , Get a file manager like (ES File Explorer) then open it , find the location of the copied apk file. Click on the apk to install.

      btw what problem are you having when you are downloading app from the market ??

  21. When I unhide my videos it does not play. Says error can not play video. Are they deleted or is there a way to retrieve them or fix the error?

  22. Is it possible? & and can you please make it so there’s a private way to store text messages and emails! I cannot find a way to do this on Droid.

    • Well hiding text message may be possible. I’ll try to work it out , if you wish you can try my app SMS Hide Pro from the market. It works well (at least for me) . It’ll soon be integrated into the Hide it Pro

    • Have you run the media Scanner from the vault after you did the update. If not please do to get all your videos back

  23. hi, i have had a forced close which i sent a report to you about couple of days ago, but everything seemed find but now, my sd card is not working my droidx is saying there is no card installed did my card get corrupted? can you please help.. if i delete or uninstall hide it pro.. will it be fixed? i will wait for your answer.
    thank you for your time chris..

    • Hello Chris. There is no way an app can corrupt an SD card. Usually the SD card is corrupted when you pull it out when a read-write process is going on (i.e. no un-mount before you pull out).
      Uninstalling/deleting the app will have no effect on state of SD card. The force close issue is not related to the SD card corruption.

      What you can do is safely remove the SD card –> Try to read it in a PC (through a card reader) –> if PC detects the card –> Format the SD card to FAT32 –> Put it back in Phone.

  24. thank you for this nice app. One small request : Would it be possible to show video thumbnails instead of the generic icons?

    Thx in advance.

  25. Just a suggestion. Allow hiding audio files through the phone’s Music app. I have a bunch of self help audio files that I don’t want coming up when friends are using my phone as an ipod or just playing around on it. Or even just for average user that wants certain songs kept out of the usual playlists. That would really make this program complete! – Anthony

    • This is feature already exists if you have a share button in the music app. for eg. in my galaxy s while listening to a song i can share the song from the options menu. and here in the popup i select Audio Manager.

      Please see this screen shot :

  26. Hi!
    Great app! But I have one big problem, when I try to go look at my hidden pictures it keeps force closing after viewing 3 or 4 pictures….anyway I can stop the force closes?


  27. In my file / my vault the thumbs open up. How do I hide the thumbs if looking in files. Can the file not say hide or my vault? Any info. Look app just want max hieding.

    • If you have a share option in your music/video players you can hide them similar to the way you hide the pictures

  28. This is a great application… but i have a question here. i tried to hide some file from my SD card, is it after hided all the files will auto save in phone memory? can i select the location to save the hided files?


    • Well this app defaults to save in SD card and not the phone memory . i suggest you unhide everything from the app , uninstall the app , reinstall the app with memory card inserted and then try to hide the files. All the files will then go to the SD card

      And no currently you cannot select where you want to store your files

  29. How do i re-set my password…? i down loaded the app a few months ago, but i have not used it yet… i went to hide a photo and then when i went to look at it in the hidden file it asked me for a password, but i dont remember setting one up yet… i clicked on the forgot password button, but it gave me an error stating no recovery email was set up yet, and for me to contact the developer for re-setting my password.

    • You can uninstall and reinstall the app to reset the password. No data/hidden files are deleted in the process only password is reset

  30. When viewing a slide show the screen will automatically dim and then shut off. Is it possible to keep the screen always on during the slideshow? Also when touching the screen duringa slideshow the app will crash.

  31. I tested by hiding a picture (jpg) file and it appeared in the locker and was not visible in my gallery. I went back and tried to “UN-hide” the picture. When I selected the un-hide option, the file disappeared from the locker. I then went back to my gallery and the file was not there either.
    The file is now missing and I have no idea how to find it???

    • just select the video in the gallery and click share , similar to the way you hide the pictures

  32. hi. what happens if i forget my password to get into the app…is there a way to get in without having to delete what i have?

    • Yes . Uninstall and reinstall , no data/hidden files is deleted only password is reset in the process

  33. When I install the app, hide it pro, it says it will have access to my phone calls (read phone state and identity)…why is that so?

    • READ_PHONE_STATE is actually required for 2 things

      1.) This permission enables the application to get the unique device id. This id is used to generate key for ad removal (in case a user purchases the ad removal key).

      2.) Also when you send me a email thru the program you must have seen that it also sends your Device Model , Android SDK build version etc. along with it. , this information helps me in debugging and solving problems which may be happening on a specific phone

      The permission in NO WAY can steal your identity / read sms / make calls etc. there are separate permissions for that in android.

  34. Sorry about my bad english. I try to hide some movie files that were located on the sd. I think i didnt work. Now thoses files are showing in the same location, but they are corrupted. Like for ex: aftershock.wmv -rw 0 kb. If i delete thoses files, they come back after i reboot. I already formated the SD. Thoses files got erased but after a small period of time they comeback again. Im on Galaxy S.

    • I am looking into the video corruption bug as of now . i’ll update you if i find anything significant

    • Un hide all the pictures by Long press on the picture and selecting unhide , then all the pictures will be back in sd card

    • Try this unhide all the pics –> Uninstall the program –> Install the program with SD card mounted inside the phone –> Then all the pictures will be saved in sd card

    • Run Media Scanner from the vault options menu –> the video will be back in the gallery

  35. I go to the picture valt click on a pic and it sends me back to audio manager can’t view as slide show . Please help.txs .

  36. Still having trouble viewing pic in vault i click on one and goes back to audio manager. Please help and let me know txs ken.

  37. The application is really nice. Apart from 1 thing: anyone can have access to the hidden items. It’s easy: “My files” application -> Options -> Settings -> Show hidden files (I use Galaxy 3 with Russian UI and I’m not 100% sure of my translation). That’s it. You can see the .myVault and everything below. No password needed :(

    Is it possible to fix this issue somehow? Thank you.

    • No my friend , this app is meant to hide files from gallery, any file manager can see those files. but tell me this how many of your friends open “My Files” app to browse pics

      • Well, my friends have no habit to browse the content of my mobile :) Anyway, it looks senseless to me to protect with a password the content that can be easily opened with another application.

        I’ve just made a test with the pictures only. If I may suggest you something… If I rename the files in .myVault just removing the file extensions (filename instead of filename.jpg) and delete the content of .thumbnails (it will be recreated automatically) then “My files” cannot open any of hidden files, while “Hide It Pro” still can :)

  38. My phone had to be wiped clean with a hard reset back to factory setting so all my apps were deleted, I reinstalled hide it pro. Do I get my pix back because its telling me set new pword. I had private pix in this app.

    • If you did not format your SD card , your pics will be there , else they will be gone. enter the hide it pro app and see for yourself if the pics are there.
      The thing is these pics have to be saved somewhere on your SD card , and if you format your sd card they will be gone as well

  39. Hi, I have been using the app for a couple days and love it. Other then a some force closes it has worked great. I did have one thing. I got a notice tonight that there was an upgrade for it in the market so I clicked installl but it could not finish the insall and now when I search the markey only hide it pro key is the only thing that shows up. So did maybe something in the update make it no longer comaptible with my phone. I have a sanyo/kyocera Zio with 1.6 Donut

  40. Is this app no longer supported as far as updates on the Droid Market? Tried updating but saying it can’t find the app!

  41. Is there a limit to pictures in the maps, that you make? because I can’t store more tan 29 pictures. When I will put nr 30 in the maps they will replace an other picture.

  42. Ok, I think this app is amazing and it will probably replace another one that I normally install (audiomanager pro) but is there any way you could add checkboxes on the audio manager part of the program to turn on/off vibration?

    That is the ONLY thing that audiomanager pro still has that this application doesn’t cover in the “fake” part of the app! ;)

    Thanks again for such an amazing app!

  43. Hey love the app but quick question I hid an entire folder through file manager and it didn’t show up in app so I unhid everything and I still couldn’t find that folder its like it disappeared any idea on what to do hear?

  44. Great app so far, but just had a request in your next update and I don’t know if anybody has suggested this yet, but how about either allowing the app to be a widget or, preferrably, having the app apear in the status bar at the top. I have another audio manager that has this feature, which I like and would rather have that than a widget. Also, and I think somebody maybe suggested this already, but how about check boxes to silence ring volume and alerts volume to either vibrate only or silent? Thanks!

  45. I love this ap, finally what i was looking for. My only problem im having is sending a picture from this ap. The person im sending to tells me the picture doesnt come through, it read that there was an error. I have a Droid X.
    Thanks so much

  46. Hey I have a problem with pictures… they are pixelated… you wrote that somewhere in the settings need to un-check the low memory mode or something… I have an HTC Desire 2.2 froyo but can’t find that un-check box anywhere.

    Btw. It would be very cool if the app supported animated gifs.

    • Sorry… no need.. I found the settings and It does support animated gifs :) … I totally spaced… It’s a new phone so I’m learning slowly…

      App is great… Simple yet effective, keep up the good work. Peace out :)

  47. it’s a nice app, but even after hiding the files, the files are still visible in ‘.myvault’ in the sd card. what is to be done about that? please help…..

  48. Great app once you’ve addressed the issue from#3. How about adding pattern lock as option to password? Do these and I would happily pay the $1.99 and give 5 star rating.

  49. Great App, just have a couple of questions.

    When I move pictures, they seemed to be saved at a lower resolution. I looked at both the settings in the File Manager and in HideIt. Is there a way to change that?

    You said that I can add files directly to the app if I connect it to a PC. I am not at a place where I can do it now, but in File Manager, all I see is like the HideIt Pro folder. Do I drop stuff in there?

    Is there a way to move multiple items at once, or do I need to do it one at a time?

    I have a Huawei Ascend.

    • #1 -> To get higher res pics back uncheck low memory mod from settings.
      #2 -> Yes just put them in /.myVault/Pictures/[your folder name] directory through PC or any file manager
      #3 -> Yes (see #2)

    • When you enter password , it’ll show pictures and videos only if you have hidden some.

      TO hide you need to use the stock gallery/video player –> select the pics –> click share –>select audio manager from popup list –> follow steps from there

  50. Oh, I figured it out. I just transfered from iPhone to an Android yesterday, and still trying to get used to how Android apps are different.

    I see how this works now. Unix based OS, HIDDING files. Makes sense. Problem is, that really is not secure. File encryption and / or file container would be a VERY nice feature.

    Also, the photo viewer seems to crash after every second or third photo viewed. The app also tends to crash if I try to rotate the phone. :-(

    Another NICE feature would be to be able to delete a photo when its pulled up. I just do not see that. I have to back out of the photo viewer, and then I can delete it in Thumbnail mode.

    Anyways, pretty good app. You may want to put in a disclaimor that this is just HIDDING stuff on the phone, and anyone with any small amount of computer knowledge can retrieve your stuff.

    • Well Disclaimer is a good suggestion. i’ll add that soon.

      I am still trying to debug why the app is crashing , it usually happens if the picture is large (huge size) , android just can’t give it enough memory.

    • Which model of motorola phone are you using ?

      afaik BLUR is the name of motorola’s custom UI for android phone, it is not a phone per say

  51. How do you send a picture from the app? I see where it says send, but I don’t want to e-mail, just send via MMS so someone can recieve it in a text message?

    • Doesn’t Messaging option pops in the List which gives you options to select the app (after you press the send button)

  52. I have Sony experia x10 which has android 2.1 version. I dont have default gallery in my phone. How do I hide the files.
    Thanks for the wonderfull app and your help help in advance..


    • You can simply put the files is .myVault/Pictures/[your directory name]

      using a file manager.

  53. Great app. Updated to take advantage of hiding apps. It will hide the app but it will not allow accessing of the app after its been hidden even after reboot.

  54. this is a nice app, but all files are visible in the folder “my vault”.
    Through any file manager it can be opened is there any way to hide “my vault” folder from file managers

  55. Hi there, first very nice application, the idea to hide it behind audio manager is pretty clever.
    Juste a little question : how can I transfer the hidden files to my computer (and vice versa) ? For the moment I have to unhide them and look into CardDCIMCamera (my galaxy S pics are stored on sd card). I searched but I was not able to find them anywhere. I got a ‘HideItPro’ folder under Phone, but it is empty (even with hidden files display available). I’m using the phone as an usb mode (not using kies) to transfert files on the computer (windows 7 if it can help)
    I scanned through the 6 pages off comments but did not find anything close to this (or maybe I missed it, my english is not that great) except for the “.myVault/Pictures/[your directory name]” stuff, but I don’t have such folders.
    Thanks a lot :)

  56. There’s a little suggestion I would like to make… I have animated gifs on my phone and when I hide them, you can play them but can’t stop them. Only way to stop them is if I go back on my phone but then it goes out of the app.

  57. According to your tutorial, you can “even start the Slideshow and set up duration of photo change”
    I found the slideshow start and stop options, but I could not find any place where I could change the duration of the slideshow photo change. Am using a Samsung Galaxy S with 2.2.
    Please advise

    • One other thing I might add at this point: For possible updates to the app, you could add the possibility to allow a selection for running the slideshow in either sequential or random order. I always run slideshows in random order to provide a better variety of images.

    • When you click start slideshow a popup will come where you can set the duration of slideshow

      • I have the latest version of the app, but when I click on start slideshow, it does just that. There is no popup to allow me to set the duration.
        To start the slideshow, I do a long press on the folder I want to view, then press Start Slideshow.
        If there is another way of doing it, I cannot find it.
        Any ideas why the popup is not appearing on my Samsung Galaxy S?

  58. Hi guys. …. I have a Samsung galaxy s and I have been using your hide it pro for quite a while now. … The other day I did a couple of recordings on my. Phone & then successfully transfered them to hide it pro. …… However I did another couple of recordings a couple of days later which when I tried transferring them along with some pictures from the gallery. .. I was dissapointed to find the pictures had worked but the video recordings have vanished & is there any way I can find them or where they have gone?

  59. I have not been able to hide anything. I receive the message “Something terrible has happened”. It seems like your phone did not give us the root access.” How do I give root access. My phone is the T-Mobile myTouch 3G 3.5mm Jack.

  60. I have the htc hero. When i long press it it just move or.delete. how do i long press without that happening,since that is how i put stuff on my home page and remove.

  61. My last question was how to activate the prog. Nvrmnd, could you please tell me why it goes to the manager whenever i go to my photos? I cant just go to my photos without the manager screen coming up..i like it but if i cant see my pics the normal way its gonna be sketchy. Email me.back,

    • You must have selected the Audio Manager option after you hide the pictures. Keep pressing back till you exit and your gallery will load next time

  62. Yeah, some of my pictures are about 4 meg each. I had a similar issue with large files on AirSharing back on the iphone. However, the amount of free ram should be able to open a picture that size. I noticed that I do not have as big of an issue with it crashing if I am opening up pictures that are only a few K (unless I rotate the orientation of the phone – it ALWAYS crashes if I do that). So, a thought is that maybe, after pulling up the next picture, it is not releasing the memory for the picture it just displayed. That would explain why it crashes after about opening 3-4 pictures that are around 4 meg each.

    • not sure if anything changes there, just follow the same steps and you should be fine

  63. Y do i get wrong password? I emailed twice but no response yet. How do i unlock if my password is not recognized? Thanks for a great program!

    • while hiding the pics , create a new folder. then hide in that folder.

      Or you can use a pc and move the files to .myvault/Pictures/(your folder name)/ directory

  64. Hi Anuj, great app! – Thanks. Just paid for the Ad Free version.

    I saw mention that you were considering ecryption for the next major release. That would be fantastic!.



  65. Referring to Q/A #12/13: Messaging is not one of the available options when I press “send”. I use a HTC Desire (Nordic). Except from that, I find the app both nice and useful. :-)

  66. Ok so I have experienced two issues with app hiding.

    1. I hid what’sapp? and its leaving a “dead icon visible. which if I delete that it uninstalls the entire app.

    2. Last night when I attempted to hide it hide it pro just kept searching for hidden apps, I stopped it by clicking hide apps, which I did with whatsapp? and then was unable to access it again because it only continues to search for hidden apps never displays. I had to go to market to uninstall and then reinstall which is obviously what I’m trying to avoid.

    Not complaining just giving feedback

    • @1 : to get rid of the dead icon just restart the Launcher/Home app. Automated restarts are coming in next version
      @2 : This bug sometimes come and i am still trying to pinpoint why it occurs. hope i narrow it down soon

  67. Well I still have yet to get a reply about my problem. My original question was that “my files disappeared when I downloaded the update for this program and I need to know how and if I can retrieve them. U then asked me if I changedy SD card but I didn’t so is there a way to retrieve them? Because I just received another update notifications and I am scared if I allow it to update that I will lose the new pictures I have hidden, what should I do any suggesti?

  68. Is there any way to change how the folders sort, or to create subfolders. I tried adding a subfolder with file viewer, but it did not show in audio manager.

  69. It would be very nice if you could get the .myVault folder encrypted. Here are a couple of simple suggestions that might keep some of the less determined snoopers out:
    1) change the name of the .myVault directory. It is a big hint where one might look for hidden things. That might help a little if someone goes searching with a file viewer.
    2) another program I once used simply added an extra file extension on the end of the file name to keep other programs from recognizing the file type.

    • Both are incredibly awesome suggestions. I am definitely going to implement them soom

    • Both are incredibly awesome suggestions. I am definitely going to implement them soon

    • Last month was crazy for me , didn’t have a single second to sit on PC , i.e. why could not reply.

    • Vault is the screen where the four icons of Pictures,Video,Audio and Apps come.
      Go to options menu there

  70. Great app! Noticed a couple minor bugs in the image viewer.

    1. If you pinch zoom a picture, you lose the ability to swipe to the next picture.

    2. If you ever invoke the on-screen controls by tapping, the mode persists even if you tap it off – moving to the next picture re-displays the controls. If you don’t tap them off, it’s even odder – every other picture has the controls displayed.

    Love the app – hope these minor rough edges could be polished, though.

    • @1 : if you pinch to zoom , unless you have zoomed out completely it will stay in pan mode.
      @2 : bug noticed and fixed in upcoming version

  71. It keeps locking all of my pictures and gallery. Everytime I go to open my gallery it takes me to the sign in page… I just want to hide some pictures and videos, not all of them…

    • You must have selected the Audio Manager option after hiding files. Simply just exit the app by pressing back. and the next time you launch the gallery , your stock gallery will launch

  72. using HTC Incredible. App works great, best I have found yet. One thing..I can’t send a pic via text/sms. Any suggestion or possibly make it in an update

  73. I just installed this app on my non rooted HTC Evo 2.2. I set up my password & recovery email, I then went to my vault & did a scan, it did not find any of my pics,video or files… why isn’t it finding anything? I mainly wanted this for pics & videos, I will root my phone later to hide apps.

    • No you have to hide files to make them appear in the application. Use your stock android gallery to hide the files

  74. Rooted Droid X 2.2.1

    So I open the vault, select ‘superuser’, and it says it’s hidden. Run a media scan for whatever benefit, yet superuser remains in app drawer. It says when I click on superuser, ”app not installed…’ but that’s not going to fool anyone.

    Also, you should make the long press on the audio manager title a but longer than half a second

    • Try restarting your home launcher to hide that app from app drawer

      Go to phone settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications –> [Your home app / launcher] –> Force Restart

    • which phone are you on ? or you can just google for that info
      write “rooting [your phone name] in the search box

  75. Im not sure how to hide music files b/c I go to my library, but don’t see a “share” option where I can select the audio manager on my LG Vortex

    • Hide music files using a file manager instead , follow same procedure , select the file and click share

  76. so once I put a pic or a video..

    how do I delete the pic from the audio manager?

    how do I take it out of the audio manager and put it back in my “gallery”, basically make it not a secret.?

    great app… so far

  77. I’m using the samsung captivate.I would like to hide am application.% get am error message that says the phone isn’t allowing the program to obtain the root. What should I do?

    • You can put one later in the settings. and yes it is optional and app works without one too.

  78. hey i’m having some trouble. I don’t know how to “root” the phone. Please need help.

    -Samsung Fascinate

  79. Hi,
    I find the application very useful n I like the disguise used in the form of the audio manager although I did realise a couple of problems which I wanted to ask if were normal n if could be fixed in the next update
    Firstly I realised that once u unhide your previously hidden photos,they don’t return to their original folder in which they were stored but instead they are just placed as individual files on the memory card. I find that quite bad as this way the memory card doesn’t look very organised as u have picture files just hanging around in the card. Also I saw a problem with the thumbnails that appear along with the folder names in the picture gallery of the audio manager, as they show the thumbnail of a photo of a previously hidden photo although it may not be actually hidden at that moment,i am hoping that there is a solution to the problems i’m facing or hopefully can be rectified in the next release

  80. Thanks for your correspondence from my previous post. Restarting the launcher worked, and it is nice to see you incorporated that action into the app itself in the update, well done.

    One more thing though; hiding an app omits it from the launcher panel, but not from the list of applications in the ‘manage applications’ section of the phone’s settings. Fix?


  81. Prior to the recent update, the files were located on the SD card under the folder .myvault . Now I can not seem to locate them under any explorer. . . Understandably it makes it hidden, but I use to use it to transfer files at a later date. Where are they located now?

  82. Hello! First I want to congratulate you on the application, is excellent and very helpful.
    I am writing to suggest an idea. It would be very useful to have profiles of concealment in the application, and can quickly switch between them. For example, we may have a profile that does not keep anything hidden and have one or more than one where you have several different things hidden for each profiling, and able to switch quickly between them, after entering the key ofcourse.

    Well, that’s my idea, I hope I have been clear and get your interest.
    Thanks again for the application is very good.
    So keep up the good work.

    Greetings from Uruguay. Aoshi.

  83. How do you move a video that was sent to you via text message into the Hide it pro app? Droidx. Thanks for the input.

    • Save the video from the MMS to your phone. Then you can browse to it in the Gallery and hide it like any other file. After that delete the MMS.

    • I suggest to Google it and read up. It’s kin to jailbreaking an iPhone to be VERY general. Get used to your new phone before you delve into rooting your phone is my personal advice.

  84. HI there , is there anyway of hiding text messages ? I have an HTC hero Droid 2.1 ,have tried , but to no effect Ta big “H”

  85. Hi Anju,

    Congrats on the great program! Secondly, I hid some pictures and two of the pictures still appear on my gallery. They are in my hidden pictures folder but their shell is still there. The problem is that now I can’t delete the picture or it’s shell because it doesn’t see the file, the delete button is grayed out. I ran Media Scan and it didn’t help, also pulled the battery out to reboot. Do you have any suggestions??

  86. Brandon:

    Prior to the recent update, the files were located on the SD card under the folder .myvault . Now I can not seem to locate them under any explorer. . . Understandably it makes it hidden, but I use to use it to transfer files at a later date. Where are they located now?

    I have this same question.

  87. HI. Great App!!

    one problem. i have chosen to autohide after 10secs, but the app stays open unless i back out of the app by pressing the back key multiple times. am i missing something? shouldnt the app go back to audio manager if i dont use my phone or the app for 10 secs? i have tried other settings (like instantly) too and same thing.

    i have an epic 4g.


  88. I have the numeric keys showing for pin. I can enter pin, but there is not an “enter” or “next” button. Please advise.

  89. two suggestions:

    1. Please support video formats that aren’t supported by the gallery (e.g. flv)
    2. Please allow # and * in your call manager so that prefixes can be added to numbers e.g. showing or hiding the caller phone number

  90. When i updated the app. It was not able to locate my previous files. I have only found the thumbs of the images in my explore. Not able to locate the actual file. Iv tried everything. Downloaded the app again did not work. Please help

  91. Also, it would be nice if the files/pics hidden in the program could be encrypted so a search for “jpg” on the sd card did not pull them up. thanks

    • Does it pull them up now… or if it does can you view those pics with a file manager ??

  92. Same thing here. how do you find the pictures once you hide them? what is the folder they are in? both pictures and videos. can you send me the location?

  93. Hi, i used the app and it is a very good one. I have a question.. my nexus recently has problems and it dosnt seem like it will work again, i use the app to hide some files, if i install the app in another phone, would i be able to see my files, or how can i recover them?

  94. Great app! Just to assure myself. Where can “I” find the files. I just want to know they are still on my phone.


  95. Hi. Great program. Thanks for your efforts. My question is: would there be any way to have an option to play the screen saver in random order?

    I had thought that was what the random folder would do that but it doesn’t seem to.

  96. I need that directory of where the files that used to be in myvault went to. Also is there a way to sort the gallery directories in alpha order?

    • Sent the info to your email. And no there is is no way to sort the gallery directories order (atleast not yet)

  97. Please tell me the location of the file as well, that would help me organise my hidden files easier.:)
    Thank u for the app, its great!

  98. uninstalled hide it pro, is there any chance my photos and videos are still on my htc hero someplace? would like to reinstall.

  99. Like the 2.5.6 update and gladly bought a registration key to hide ads! Appreciate the random slideshow option and fixing the bug with the on-screen controls sticking on.

    A few problems:
    I get force closes in the settings panel if I try to change Auto Lock Time or Auto Login. Other settings all work ok.

    In pictures, thumbnails for each folder are blank, just a cyan-colored border around a black square. Thumbnails within a folder are fine after the initial thumbnail scan, but folders stay blank ever after they’ve been opened once.

  100. The new version does a much better job of hiding…but makes it a lot harder to manage. Is there any way to add/delete files with my phone mounted as a usb device?

    • replying to my own message…

      Yes, it’s possible to add and delete files with the phone mounted as a usb device. I wrote a batch file that copies jpg files while simultaneously changing the file extension to .bin. Hideit Pro recognizes the files just fine.

  101. The updates are great and my previous problem of not getting the slideshow duration dialogue has now gone. It is also good that there is the random option. Not sure if was already there or not when I first commented, but thanks anyway.
    I love this app and make good use of it, but have 2 issues.
    1) The random option is not very random. I have a folder with 250 images and tend to see the same ones over and over again with regularity. Perhaps a different random number generator is required.
    2) Perhaps more important. The slideshow duration works well with all of the options except for 5 seconds (the value I actually want to use). When I select this duration, more often than not the slideshow goes off in turbo mode going through them at about 5 per second rather than every 5 seconds.
    As I said, I love this app, but please fix this these slideshow issues.
    I use a Galaxy Samsung S
    Keep up the great work

  102. I also see the much too fast slideshow that Mark sees when using the 5 second default choice.

    In a set of 250 images displayed truly randomly, you can expect to see a lot of images come up more than once. I’d like to suggest that rather than display the images RANDOMLY, it’d be more useful to SHUFFLE the images – display each image once and only once per cycle, but to randomize the ORDER in which they’re displayed. Subtle difference, but much preferable.

  103. Great app! Just can’t find the pic files once they are hidden. Just to assure they are still in my phone how can I find them?

  104. been a long time user. I got a new phone and I was wondering what files, folders, etc, do I need to copy to the new phone before install the program. I would appreciate if you could tell me the location of the files.